Abbey Fish Ponds – May 2021

The pools in the Abbey Fish Ponds nature reserve have grown green shoots.

Sedge and reeds grow straight up from the watery ground.

The stream that runs down the middle has green plants in the water as well as the banks, including what could be Iris shoots.

This view shows the bridge over the stream as seen from the high path running across the middle of the nature reserve.

There are hawthorns blossoming in May.

The first leaves to appear in clumps from the floor of the woodland areas have now produced their cuckoo’s pint.

There are many birds singing throughout the day .

2 thoughts on “Abbey Fish Ponds – May 2021

  1. Pat

    The high bank in the middle of the fish ponds is called Daisy Bank. I can’t see daisies in the photo, but maybe the grass is too long. The housing development nearby used to be called Daisy Bank.


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