Old Abbey House – behind the boards

Old Abbey House is boarded up as redevelopment starts.

Daniel has been able to get a higher view over the fence showing the scaffolding.

He even has a view of the roof.

For the history of Old Abbey House there is the Abingdon Buildings and People site. A quick summary:

  • Old Abbey House probably built by wealthy businessman James Smallbone about 1780
  • Edwin Trendell, wine merchant, lived there from 1847 to 1900 and extended the house and developed the garden
  • The Rt Revd James Leslie Randall, Bishop of Reading, lived there until 1920
  • Abingdon Borough Council, Vale of White Horse District Council and Abingdon Town Council worked there from the 1920s until 2014
  • From 2021/2 it will become a hotel

For more of Daniel’s aerial shots you can visit his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/danielgloverdrone

8 thoughts on “Old Abbey House – behind the boards

  1. Hester

    Rudi – that garden is not private – it has been part of the Abbey Gardens since Trendell’s time and public since 1923 -ish – and remains as such! The hotel will overlook it – but wont own it.

  2. rudi

    are we talking the same bit? – i know the garden part with the flowers but there was always the bit behind the wall too – maybe that’s public too?

  3. Iain

    Both bits are part of the Abbey Gardens Rudi. The only land that is part of the Hotel is the hardstanding running along the front of the property used for car parking.

    1. Hester

      … and now the little patch of grass between the OAH car park and new Abbey House. That was included in the sale and has also been boarded off.

  4. Colin

    Drones should not be flown closer then 50m from buildings or people……I find it hard to believe that is achievable when taking aerial images at low altitude over the town centre?

    1. Daniel Glover

      Yes I can. To do with weight. Done A2 C of C and sunday at 9am. Lets do a drone business and stand in a middle of a field,. all drones seem to be ok to use at to some people. shall I go and do in the week when lots around. No. Can go over building. Is the people have to watch. some hang around when doing stuff, show interest. most don’t. quiet. Moan over. Same ever time try and do drone stuff, You watch and moan at the youtube lot. over road, railway lines. power lines. fly so far cant see it. But people like, I read the comments. that’s ok!. Me done when no one around. Drones under 250g can be flown in the A1 sub category (there are also some exceptions for drones up to 500g too).


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