Flowers before Rain in St Ethelwold’s Garden

A week ago there was a notice on the gate of St Ethelwold’s Houses to say that the garden would be closed from Monday to Wednesday this week for the installation of an irrigation system. The notices have been taken down and I did not see any signs of irrigation work. Perhaps it went quicker than planned. Last night it rained a lot and flattened some plants. The tulips had already been shedding their bright petals in St Ethelwold’s garden.

These pictures were taken before the rain:

A new notice has appeared saying there will be a Gong Bath in the Sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “Flowers before Rain in St Ethelwold’s Garden

  1. Mick

    They’ll need a pretty big gong! Will there be separate sessions for men and women? I hope they change the water between each person!


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