Sunny Weekend was perfect for the first meal (or drink) out

Over the weekend the garden of the Nags Head pub was a popular venue for people to experience their first meal (or drink) out since the lockdown easing. The sun shone on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Everyone entering the garden records their details with Track and Trace, and wears a mask to the table. Orders are made by mobile phones.

Here is a pint of Abingdon Bridge, brewed by the Loose Cannon Brewery in Abingdon.

While enjoying the garden the punters can watch the boats go by.

On the downstream side of Nags Head Island, Annie’s Tearooms, also has outdoor tables and has been welcoming people back.

There is currently work strengthening the moorings downstream from Abingdon Bridge.

4 thoughts on “Sunny Weekend was perfect for the first meal (or drink) out

  1. Colin

    Good effort from the Nags head, enjoyed a drink there myself! I noticed that the Kings Head and Bell had people seated in their recently extended conservatory area yesterday. I’m not sure this qualifies as an outside space?

    1. James John

      I think it does as long as the 2 side walls are open. No different to the rules on having a marquee or something with 2 sides that is allowed under the rules

      1. Colin

        But the guidance is 50% of the “structure” must be open….the doors on the king head and bell conservatory don’t look like they are 50% to me

        1. BykerRode

          The roof opens at KH&B and very nice it was in today’s sunshine.
          And NO need for an App to order or pay !


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