From the Farmers Market to browsing books

The Farmers Market was on the Market Place in Abingdon today.

It was my first time inside both independent bookshops since the reopening. The Book store is in Bury Street precinct.

Two shops have closed in Bury Street during the shutdown. The Gift Centre has closed – probably deciding not to renew a lengthy lease. Also Peacocks went into administration and is now closed.  200 of the 400 Peacock stores will be re-opening as the chain have been brought out out administration. I don’t know about the Abingdon shop.

Mostly Books were also open. On display there is Trinity by Frank Close. Trinity was the code name for exploding the test atomic bomb in 1945. This well researched story is about Klaus Fuchs, a communist sympathiser, who passed atomic secrets to the Soviets during the race for development of the nuclear bomb. The book has both spying and science.

The library is also open and there I saw another book by Frank Close called Neutrino. Frank Close is a nuclear physicist who lives in Abingdon and often helps at the ATOM Science festival

4 thoughts on “From the Farmers Market to browsing books

  1. Rosie

    There’s a notice on The Gift Gallery. Their lease expired they couldn’t accept the new terms and for other reasons have decided to close. They thank everyone and have a website. It’s a shame I used to enjoy looking at all the lovely gifts and cards. Best place to find that extra special card. I couldn’t find an Emerald 55th Wedding Anniversary card anywhere. I asked them and they opened a drawer of them. My parents were thrilled as no one had been able to find any.


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