Abingdon riverside changes

Work on the Grotto at Cosenors House is nearing completion. The work is to bring it back to a safe and usable condition without changing it too much.

Abingdon Lock has re-opened after a winter when the boat layby was being rebuilt. Hooks in the grass can be used as a temporary layby. Boats can now use the lock.

The new layby is nearing completion.

At the lock itself, crowd control barriers have been added to keep spectators away from people operating the lock – for the Covid-19 safety of everybody.

To improve the look of the barriers, children are being asked to print, and colour in sections of a long Narrow Boat.

The new boat house for the Kingfisher Canoe Club has been built and should soon be used, once Covid-19 guidelines allow.

For Covid-19 social distancing reasons, people wait if people are crossing the weir in the opposite direction.

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