Easter Monday – New Willow, Flag Half Mast, Pom-Poms, and Pavement Cleaning

Hester has send me a picture of the new Willow that has been planted outside the Old Gaol to replace the one that was cut down.

On the County Hall the flag is flying at half-mast.

Dr Vernon Butt, Freeman of Abingdon and Past Mayor, died a year ago. At the time the Town Council were unable to mark his passing by flying the town flag at half-mast and so they are doing so to mark the anniversary of his passing.

Click here for a link to the Town Council’s news item.

The trees on the Market Place, in front of the County Hall, have been decorated with pom-poms and rainbows over Easter.

Today, a section of Bury Street was cordoned off while some workmen gave it a power clean. They were using a machine with a rotating wire buffer and water spray.

5 thoughts on “Easter Monday – New Willow, Flag Half Mast, Pom-Poms, and Pavement Cleaning

  1. PPJS

    Vernon Butt was a scholar and a gentleman – unfailingly polite and deeply learned. It was good that he was remembered in this way.

  2. Sarah

    Dr. Vernon Butt was a truly memorable lecturer. He started lectures at five past the hour because that was correct for ‘Oxford time’. He taught on the combined first year of biological sciences before botanists, zoologists and pure and applied biologists went their separate ways after two terms. I can still remember his mantra of “fluidity, asymmetry and selective permeability” which were defining properties of biological membranes.

    It was a true pleasure when I caught up with him unexpectedly in 2013 and he told me that he was still doing research but his hands weren’t very steady with pipettes any more. His mind was as razor sharp then as it had been when he was one of my lecturers.

    A remarkable gentleman.

  3. Mark Hargreaves

    Nice new Willow! So, that is the new private dentist! Not been down to that end of time for several months so this is my first sight. Maybe I should go and have all my teeth replaced with implants? Perhaps “the Dentist’s Dentist” will do a discount for bulk orders?


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