Five Willows in Abingdon – with new leaves

My favourite Willow tree is the one in the Margaret Brown Gardens. You can stand under that tree and look through the long trailing branches down the long stretch of the River Thames towards Culham. Sometimes the branches hang like a string curtain, but in this picture the wind is throwing the slender branches back and forth and round.

On the other side of the Iron Bridge, there are a row of willows that shade the River Ock in Summer.

About half way along the Ock Valley Walk is a tree with a bare trunk covered in dark ivy. It has a top knot of leaves, and a curtain of thin branches.

Next to Abingdon Baptist Church is a well shaped weeping willow with its own gated area.

On the island in the Abbey Gardens are two or more willows that have grown together into a mound.

P.S And here is the Willow that once stood in front of the Old Gaol with thanks to Brian.

14 thoughts on “Five Willows in Abingdon – with new leaves

  1. Julian Annells

    Agreed Hester, you mean the one the developer cut down against their planning regulations, and was obliged to replace afterwards, but still has not done so? That one?

  2. Geoffrey Bailey

    Backstreet, can you post one with a picture of the willow at the Old Gaol. It wa a famous one.

  3. PPJS

    Is it official policy to ignore the felled willow? Do embarrassment and shame still function in the planning department?
    Happy Easter, anyway!

  4. newcomer

    Ah, but the neon portal lights up at night. I’ve always thought it was sponsored by the Turkish barbers in town.

  5. Hester

    Well, well, well – it seems that none of us would qualify for our Brownies’ or Scouts’ observation badge: I took a walk down that way this afternoon and what did I see, but a healthy young willow tree, probably planted last autumn! I am afraid that many of us won’t be around to see it when it reaches its full glory, but it’s a start! I will send Backstreeter a copy.
    PS it has a little sign by it saying “Arthur’s Tree”, I wonder who Arthur is/was?

    1. Hester

      Apparently Arthur was a resident who lived in one of the apartments overlooking the river. Sadly he died, but the Residents Committee decided that the tree should be named in his memory.


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