New coffee outlet at Albert Park

A new coffee outlet has opened next to the Albert Park in Abingdon.

A spokesperson said: “The Conduit House outlet, which has created three new jobs, will allow for coffee enthusiasts to easily pick-up their favourite handcrafted coffee, such as the as the iconic Flat White featuring our signature Mocha-Italia blend, and then enjoy it in the park. “

The spokesman also said “The outlet will be a great benefit to the area. Parents waiting to pick up their children from Carswell School can now enjoy a coffee. Nearby churches are currently unable to serve coffee due to government Covid-19 restrictions, and so people will be able to pick up a coffee at the Conduit House outlet instead.”

However, not everybody is happy. One gentleman commented, “How on earth did they get permission to open this in a conservation area?”

The Conduit House coffee outlet will be operating a takeaway only service at first. Plans for a drive through outlet are being considered.

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12 thoughts on “New coffee outlet at Albert Park

  1. Ethelred

    Unbelievable!!! I am fuming at this. Where was the planning application!?!?!! I’ve just decided to put my house up for sale after reading this. Goodbye Abingdon!!!

  2. Ex resident

    Is the old toilet in the trees still there too? If so the coffee shop will have some facilities too.

  3. Michael

    Very clever – well done! The ivy on the door gives it away though. If it were true I’m sure it would do a roaring trade. I would love to see the interior of the conduit house. I went into the one at North Hinksey on a Heritage Open Day and it was very interesting.


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