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New coffee outlet at Albert Park

A new coffee outlet has opened next to the Albert Park in Abingdon.

A spokesperson said: “The Conduit House outlet, which has created three new jobs, will allow for coffee enthusiasts to easily pick-up their favourite handcrafted coffee, such as the as the iconic Flat White featuring our signature Mocha-Italia blend, and then enjoy it in the park. “

The spokesman also said “The outlet will be a great benefit to the area. Parents waiting to pick up their children from Carswell School can now enjoy a coffee. Nearby churches are currently unable to serve coffee due to government Covid-19 restrictions, and so people will be able to pick up a coffee at the Conduit House outlet instead.”

However, not everybody is happy. One gentleman commented, “How on earth did they get permission to open this in a conservation area?”

The Conduit House coffee outlet will be operating a takeaway only service at first. Plans for a drive through outlet are being considered.

This is part of the City Daily Photo Theme Day for 1st April – for other entries see April theme day

Interesting Find in Abingdon field

Interesting Find
There have been reports for some weeks of strange smells in North Abingdon.

Excavations have been happening in a field between the Wootton Road and Dunmore Road in North Abingdon, which is going to be houses. The archaeological dig is bigger that you would expect for such a site. They could have unearthed the bad smell.

The reason for the smell has not been found, but what has been found is part of a skull. The skull is quite human-like, but not fully human.
Interesting Find
Nearby there are some very early forms of clay plates with part of a meal. Early analysis shows that it is bread-like with dried grape bits. These appear to be pre-historic currant buns.

The other thing of interest near the human-like skull are two horns fixed into a mask-like frame.

There is a long way to go but, if this is confirmed as a new sub-species, it could be called Homo abingdonii. It would also mean that bun throwing and morris dancing started much earlier than we thought.

A Talking Pedestrian Crossing

Talking Pedestrian Crossing
A pedestrian crossing in the centre of Abingdon has been modified because the warning sound it makes, to say it is safe to cross, is identical to the sound made when the nearby pub’s security alarm is activated.

And so it has become Abingdon’s first talking crossing. Not only does it say “It is safe to cross” in most European and Asian languages, I have also heard it say, “Take extra care! You have had too much to drink!” and “”Did you know your shoe lace is undone?“.