Roysse School Gothic Gateway

The Gothic Gateway that once led to the yard of Roysse School has a coat of arms for John Roysse.

The other two coat of arms have only partly survived. The Borough of Abingdon arms are still recognizable to the right.

On a photo by Henry Taunt, the other coat of arms can be seen more clearly with the date MDCCCX1 (1811). It is for the Earl of Abingdon.

According to Agnes Baker, the 5th Earl of Abingdon gave £100 towards building the gateway. Accounts show the gateway was made by local craftsmen for £99. 10. 11½. The Earl’s arms were added in gratitude. Borough and school also contributed to school improvements in 1811.

The current Earl of Abingdon (the 9th) was born in 1931 and I took this picture during a visit to Abingdon during 2006 (450th Charter Anniversary). Peter Green was the Mayor of Abingdon at the time. The Earl of Abingdon is next to Peter (in the double breasted suit).

(source: Historic Abingdon – 56 Articles by Agnes C. Baker)

2 thoughts on “Roysse School Gothic Gateway

  1. Hester

    In the 1950s the Borough Council planned to demolish the gateway and re-erect it at the entrance to the Abbey Grounds. However the Friends of Abingdon organised a fund-raising appeal to have it repaired in situ and the Council agreed to that. The emergency exit stairs from the Council Chamber were erected a few years later, blocking the archway but at least it can still be seen.
    (Information taken from Dick Barnes’ excellent History of the Friends of Abingdon.)


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