Vale of White Horse District Lottery Announced

The Vale of White Horse District Council has announced a new community lottery, with weekly tickets costing £1.

From each £1 ticket, the news release says, 60p will go towards the player’s chosen local good cause. 20p of the remaining money goes into the central community fund (which the council will distribute to good causes), 17p towards the administration of the lottery, and 3p on VAT. The top prize of £25,000 will go to anybody matching all six numbers. The other prizes are £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets.

In a few weeks time the council will invite community groups and charities to get involved. Cllr Margaret Crick, Chair of Vale of White Horse District Council said: ‘It’s been a tough year for many charities and community groups, and so we’re pleased to do what we can to give them a bit of a boost. This is a great way for our residents to give to their very local causes that are important to them and with a chance to win themselves.’

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