Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open + today’s traffic problems

Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
The virtual exhibition is at https://a34lodgehill.exhibition.app/ and will be open until Monday 29th March.
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
The exhibition has background information; drawings of the proposed road layout with two new roundabouts; and traffic calming measures on Sugworth Lane and Bagley Wood Road to try to stop people using them as a rat run to Oxford. Before leaving the exhibition people can leave feedback.

Subject to approval construction is expected from January 2022 to Summer 2023
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
High winds led to fallen trees and branches overnight and throughout the day in Abingdon. One large branch brought down some electricity lines by the Drayton Road.
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
Traffic was held up as a result.

Later on there was even worse traffic disruption in Abingdon. The Oxford Mail said this was due to flooding on the Marcham Road.

7 thoughts on “Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open + today’s traffic problems

  1. David

    What a ludicrously circuitous design for foot and cycle traffic – no less than seven road crossings required to traverse the junction. It’s a good job there’s a firm commitment to prioritise active travel – I can’t imagine how bad a design they might have come up with otherwise.

  2. JP

    I would urge any cyclists to add comments / feedback on the Lodge Hill exhibition site. The proposed scheme for Lodge Hill and the traffic calming to Sugworth Lane and Bagley Wood Road are not great designs for cyclists. There is plenty of space to do much better without having a significant impact on traffic flow. With all the new houses being built in Abingdon, making car free travel a better experience is vital.

  3. Julian Annells

    I noticed that the A34 will have a dedicated buslane. So does that mean that that stretch of road will be reduced to a single lane carriageway for all cars, vans and trucks?

  4. Chris Lee

    Another well thought out plan for Lodge hill by OCC. A 2 year old could design something simpler that worked. A stupid idea.
    What “traffic calming measure” are they suggesting this time? Their track record isn’t very good. Just leave it alone. Bagley wood road is often the only road that’s moving and free of traffic. Unlike the A34 I hate the term Rat run. It’s nothing of the sort. Its a road that it. Cars run on roads.

  5. Nick

    I support the improvements 100%. I have lived in North Abingdon for over thirty years and know how much it is needed for easier access to Milton Park and Harwell. There are too many full-time whingers waiting to jump onto any bandwagon that may be passing. I would like to see a new petrol station added as well which would lower the traffic a lot more around Tesco and Esso petrol stations which will still require people to use the Marcham Road.


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