Swift Ditch bridge rebuilt

Swift Ditch
Yesterday, I got a message and two pictures from Michael to say ‘The Swift Ditch Bridge near the old lock is being repaired. It is closed until about March 5th. That means you cannot get from Abingdon Lock to the path by the railway line that leads to Culham.’Swift Ditch
The warning notice was still up there today.
Swift Ditch
The bridge had however been put back together and there were no barriers, today. Some people were walking across.
Swift Ditch
Swift ditch leaves the River Thames above Abingdon Lock and rejoins the River Thames near Culham Bridge.
Swift Ditch
Work is continuing at Abindon Lock on ‘Reconstructing of tail layby and canoe portage’. Progress has been held up by the weather.
Swift Ditch
I will see Michael tomorrow on Zoom at the Abingdon Share a Poem group where the topic is Rivers. One poem I may read is this one by Oswald Couldrey. I found it in the book Local Colour – an anthology of local poems from 1951. Oswald worked and travelled, painted and wrote, in India and surrounding countries from 1909-1919, and must also have known Myanmar (then known as Burma).

7 thoughts on “Swift Ditch bridge rebuilt

  1. PPJS

    Thanks for the sight of the poem, Backstreeter; a very nicely constructed sonnet and highly evocative. Couldrey was a fine artist as well as a decent poet.

  2. Daniel Glover

    Swift ditch video


    I like going over that. Night time. out of Abingdon opposite marina. Keep going, Clifton hampden along tow path. back to around JET fence. to here along river, this bridge, lock. abbey meadows, home. good in the dark, summer job at gone 10pm. or day time. dark, lights on nicer. off road and some on. mostly off along river or around JET to this bridge.

  3. Bun Eater

    OCC got the bridge repaired quickly. That`s great work. The OCC Countryside Officer who deals with footpaths etc is a pretty good guy and has always been very positive when I`ve had dealings with him 🙂 🙂

  4. Ab Ithel

    Is the bridge south of Marcham village over the river Ock repaired yet? It was closed around seven or eight years ago.

    1. Sandra hills

      no but we have had lots of promises and dates but no action on the bridle way 17 Drayton to Marcham and also footpath 8 Sunningwell Quarry no action to get the land owner to clear hedge and wire fence blocking the footpath

  5. sandra

    • We have two new Footpath
    Officers: Barbara Emery (B&K)
    and David Baker (D&W).
    • Sunningwell Parish Council is
    trying to find alternative ways
    of opening up FP8 through the
    former quarry. The owner is
    not particularly cooperative as
    the path dissects the deer farm


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