Old Abbey House to become hotel and Charter Day Centre to be run by Yellow Submarine

Old Abbey House Hotel
There was a press release from the Vale of White Horse District Council yesterday to say that Old Abbey House has been sold to Ede Holdings Ltd of Witney for £927,000 and that they will develop and run it as a 20 bedroom hotel.

Ede Holdings are mainly house builders and developers but they originally built and co-owned the Four Pillars Hotel Group before selling it on. So this is a return to running a hotel for them.
Old Abbey House Hotel
Daniel Ede, a director intends to work with the local economy and says ‘We want to work closely with other local businesses and people, and initially will be looking for a local laundry provider and a local baker for fresh morning produce, as well as cleaning staff.’

It will also provide career opportunities in the hospitality sector.
Old Abbey House Hotel
There were several bidders for Old Abbey House. The press release goes on to say ‘Another positive to come from the bidding process saw a number of community groups putting forward proposals that may also benefit the town. One group is Oxfordshire-based charity Yellow Submarine, who support young people with learning disabilities and autism. Yellow Submarine will occupy The Charter building in Abingdon town centre, following on from its current use to support the vaccination programme.’

P.S. Yesterday I saw a long queue of people waiting for vaccinations outside the Charter. Over 15 million people in the UK have now had their first vaccination.

5 thoughts on “Old Abbey House to become hotel and Charter Day Centre to be run by Yellow Submarine

  1. PPJS

    Both look hopeful developments.

    As one of the 15 million, I am profoundly grateful to researchers, producers and jabbers. Abingdon seems to be well ahead of the curve and our local health teams deserved the highest praise.

  2. rudi

    good that it will come into use – it was never going to be council housing as i heard one crazy theory posit. better this than the empty upper reaches.

  3. newcomer

    £927,000 into The Vale’s coffers makes the £1.25 million they ‘gifted’ Abingdon Council to ‘move out’ of Abbey House and take on the of the total expense of The Guidhal look a ‘snip’ .

  4. Mr Andy Taylor

    That is great news about the yellow submarine charity moving in, my son you is disable went to the charity for a number of years and without their help would have got into time employment and learn the social skills to help him navigate this sometimes difficult world. He turned 25 this year and has been working for five years standing on his own to feet a loves every minute of it just his first day on the job.

  5. Michael

    Why don’t they take over the Upper Reaches that was once a hotel anyway and allow Old Abbey House to return to community use? And what about the garden at the back, now part of the public Abbey Gardens? Will they try and take it back into private ownership and open it to guests only?


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