People in Lockdown

Abingdon floods
Somebody was meditating on a seat in the Abbey Meadows. That is one way to escape lockdown.
Abingdon floods
The new town council notice boards are no longer blank. A map of Abingdon town centre has been placed below two sheets about services that are closed at the moment, and the slogan – Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives.
Abingdon floods
Abingdon Museum is closed and have a project recording people’s stories of lockdown.
Abingdon floods
People in their 70s are now getting the virus vaccine. The government announced today that over ten million people in the UK have had one of the vaccines. Some people from Abingdon are going to the mass vaccination centre at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford. I saw others queuing at the charter day center today for their jab.

Another news report said that a single dose of AstraZeneca vaccine could cut transmission by 67%. Teachers, the police, and shop workers, come into contact with lots of people as part of their job, but I don’t think they get the vaccine yet. The priority is on safeguarding the most vulnerable.

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  1. Julian Annells

    Does it make anyone else annoyed/anxious that the posters on the new town council notice board aren’t put on straight?


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