Unicorns in Abingdon

The Unicorn
The Unicorn is a mythical beast that has been used by the people in Abingdon for centuries.

There is the Unicorn Theatre (pictured above). There has been more than one Unicorn Inn in Abingdon. There was one on the west side of East St Helen Street, pulled down in the nineteenth century (1), and another at the Square that was to become the Rising Sun Inn(2) and is now Abingdon Fish and Chips. There is the Unicorn School on Marcham Road that specializes in educating students with dyslexia.

Recently I saw an interesting tweet by the Vernacular Architecture Group about Unicorn House on East St Helen Street …
The Unicorn
There is also information about Unicorn House on the Abingdon Buildings and People website which says the name Unicorn House is modern.
Unicorn House
There is a blue plaque to say the William III stayed her in December 1688 when on his way from Torbay to London to claim the Throne.
Unicorn House
It is one of the largest houses in East St Helen Street and is between The Merchants House, and St Ethelwold’s House.

1. A History of Abingdon - J Townsend (1910)
2. Inns and Alehouses of Abingdon - J Smith and J Carter (1978)

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