Local Covid Vaccine Centre in Abingdon town centre

Covid Vaccination Centre
The Charter is the site of the Local Covid Vaccine Centre for patients in surgeries in the centre of Abingdon. The Malthouse Surgery says the local council are helping to expand the available space over the next few weeks.

The Malthouse and Abingdon Surgeries now work together as a Primary Care Network and the first major outcome of that network is to deliver the Covid 19 vaccine. The Malthouse Surgery say on their website … w/c 14th december we gave the vaccine to 600+ of our most vulnerable over 80s.

Surgeries will contact patients when their turn comes. They ask people ‘Please do not contact us to seek the vaccine before it is your turn, everyone who is eligible will get a vaccine.’

The NHS has produced a prioritisation list. Priority is generally by age as that is the biggest risk factor. Carers of people at risk are also prioritised. The list can be seen at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/priority-groups…

The Marcham Road Health Centre and Long Furlong may not have received vaccines yet. When Marcham Road last updated their website news section on Christmas Eve, they said ‘As soon as our delivery date is confirmed we will immediately contact eligible patients to attend.’

Matt Hancock (Health Minister) tweeted today: “We must suppress this virus to protect our NHS & save lives until the vaccine can keep us safe.”

The BBC reported today ‘Covid: UK surge in cases an ‘extreme concern’ with ‘a record number of cases for two days running.’
Covid Vaccination Centre
Statistics of Covid-19 cases for Vale of White Horse can be seen at https://phdashboard.oxfordshire.gov.uk/?view=cases&location=Vale+of+White+Horse .

5 thoughts on “Local Covid Vaccine Centre in Abingdon town centre

  1. newcomer

    That graph, which we ‘own’ and must ‘own up to’, amplifies the goodness of today’s news re. the OU/AstraZeneca vaccine. Amazing work from the bright people at The University while our politicians fiddled.

  2. newcomer


    Yes, there are a lot of people we should be grateful to … then there’s Boris.

    Readers of a similar vintage might remember Hollywood star Danny Kaye and in honour of ‘our leader’ I’ve paraphrased one of Danny’s famous songs that used to be regularly aired on TV:

    “Look at the Boris! Look at the the Boris! Look at the Boris, the Boris, the Boris !
    The Boris is in the all together, the all together
    But all together the all together
    He’s all together as naked as the day that he was born.
    The Boris is in the all together
    But all together the all together
    It’s all together the very least the Boris has ever worn.”
    The Boris together as naked as the day that he was born.
    And it’s all together too chilly a morn!

    So apt for the turn into the New Year.


  3. Colin Galloway

    Hello I live in Abingdon just off Audlett Drive, I am 54 years old!! When should I expect to get request to come in for injection against this Virus 2019!!! Many thanks, Colin ASR Galloway


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