Carol on the Doorstep and Cinema in the Abbey

On the Doorstep
For anybody wanting to join in with Carol on the doorstep at 8pm you need to access the sing along track of Silent Night for Carol on the Doorstep. You can follow it from 8pm using the Youtube link: . Abingdon resident Bekah sings the carol, and the Youtube video has the words, so you can turn up the volume on your phone, tablet, laptop and sing along. The video automatically starts at 8pm, so you should be able to sing in time!. Some of your neighbors might be there too. Some neighborhoods could even provide their own band.
On the Doorstep
Here is the X13 bringing people back from the JR Hospital and from other places in Oxford. Not all of them have heard that The Abbey Cinema has reopened.
On the Doorstep
The Abbey Cinema can be found by going through the Abbey gateway.
On the Doorstep
If the lights in the foyer, up the steps, are on then there is a show going on.
On the Doorstep
Book online at

This Christmas you can see Live Panto! Beauty and the Beast.
or War Horse from NT Live
and much more.

Henry VIII’s men did their worst to dismantle Abingdon Abbey. A Cinema called The Abbey is now on the site.

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