12 thoughts on “Petition for Speed Calming on Ock Street

  1. PPJS

    As long as those measures are not speed humps – a cheap and damaging solution. Chicanes are far more effective, but I am persuaded that 20mph limits make best sense where pedestrian activity is high.

  2. Dino Marks

    I don’t beleieve speeding is an issue on this road. Its very sad that someone has lost a life but by looking at the number of cars using this road daily compaored to the number of accidents will give an extremely low percentage.
    The problem stems from people double parking, completing U-Turns and obstruction. This often happens around the takeaways along this part of the road. Drivers working for Dominoes especially are very dangerous as they often reverse out of the alley into busy traffic and often cut across the road to go the way they need to. Also, people do double park near the Chinese takeaway.
    It’s not always speeding which is the issue. Of course there are some that do which accounts for many roads in Abingdon.

    Lets also remember that the Fire Station needs a wider road here, so calming measures for traffic could have devistating consequences if emergency vehicles are caught up in traffic as this raod is also very congested at peak times.

    This is about education. Speeding yes, but also being aware of your surroundings, respect for others and also crossing the road at the correct points available which are plentiful along here.

  3. Chris Lee

    Please no more calming measures. Abingdon’s already at a standstill most days. the last thing we need are more of the same measures that got us here in the first place.

  4. Timotei

    During the day, speed isn’t an issue. But come the evening, the roads are full of absolute morons who do speed. Tesco car park appears to be the destination of choice once it gets dark! Noise is also a huge problem (fortunately without such serious consequences).

  5. Janet

    There is no need for traffic calming along Ock Street. There is a 30 mile an hour limit and traffic lights which slow the traffic down. The only hazard as far as I can see is that there are several roads which exit onto Ock Street where people have to make sure that the road is clear beford they turn onto Ock Street. You are always going to get people who drive unsafely. Many do not leave enough room between vehicles so that if someone stops suddenly they do not have sufficient stopping room.

  6. PH64

    Would be staggered if anyone managed to speed along Ock Street. As others have said, yet more obstacles and traffic “calming” are not what’s needed.

    If the police did their job, they could mount a speed patrol or two along that stretch and nab any offenders (if indeed, there are any).

    The default assumption that speed is the cause is simply a rush to apportion blame.

  7. PPJS

    According to the UK police driving handbook [Roadcraft, available from the usual outlets] the highest cause for road traffic incidents is human error (whether wilful or unintentional). When speed is added to the equation, injuries sustained intensify. If a car hits a pedestrian at 20mph or less, there is a good chance that she/he will get up and be able to walk away. At 30mph, there is a very real risk of serious injury or even death.
    I regularly see cars travelling along Ock at more than 30mph (early morning, late evening) when pedestrians and cyclists less easily seen.
    I am sure that Thames Valley Police would like to have sufficient staff to police the roads more adequately. Until that situation changes, a Speed Indication Device (smile/frown + actual speed) is probably the best solution. They are not cheap (about £2500, I think); so until we’ve had a couple more deaths it probably won’t come to the top of the agenda.

  8. BykerRode

    I would suggest installing one or two more traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings, with speed cameras attached. If a vehicle is travelling faster than the posted speed limit then the lights immediately change to red.
    And to be really nasty to the speeding driver the lights could all be inter-connected so that all subsequent lights turn to red as the vehicle approaches them.

    1. Julian

      This is Abingdon….they cannot even get the rest of the traffic lights to work correctly (ABITS system), so God help us if they try to synchronise extra pedestrian crossings as well!

  9. Dino Marks

    Adding to my comment above, some areas of the country have 30 mph average speed cameras along busy roads in some cases for no more than a mile. It will calm traffic, it will prevent speeding and isn’t cumbersome like speed humps, more traffic lights/crossings or chicanes.
    The cost would be prohibitive as there are still very few issues.

  10. LowStreetnotHigh

    It’s not just the speeding you have to watch out for along this road, it’s the absolutely moronic drink drivers, both late night and early morning. I can’t believe that the police don’t catch more along this road, especially given the proximity of the station. These morons are not just a danger to themselves, but a danger to society. I have seen people stagger out of houses/flats early morning clearly after a night out and get in their cars to head back to their homes in the villages or even to work!!! And before anyone says anything, yes I did report them, and yes I did follow one guy all the way back to Kingston bagpuize before the police met us after him nearly hitting 3 cars several years ago on my way to work in Swindon . Anybody who does this should have their licence removed indefinitely – they cannot be allowed to risk other people’s lives.


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