Wells Stores Today

Wells Stores has been at Peachcroft Farm for over twenty years. Before that Wells Stores was in Stert Street.

I met Jim on the way home today and he remembered the Stert Street store. He remembered the smell of all those cheeses, and the interesting groceries you didn’t see in other shops.
Now to get to Wells Store you pass hundreds of turkeys in a field on one side. There is an allotment, looked after by the grow your own vegetables community group, and a craft shop. Beyond that are the barns and farm buildings.
I walked round the fruit and vegetables in the farm shop and put some tomatoes and plums in brown paper bags.
The Wells Farm Shop cheese cooler cabinet has a selection of cheddars and other British Cheeses direct from the makers.

As you wait on the social distance markers, there are a range of interesting cakes, crackers and chutneys and homemade jams. There are also salads and quiches and pastries in the second cooler cabinet.

Jim also said that, before Stert Street, Wells Stores had been a village shop in Streatley. Wells Farm Shop has more of their interesting history.

2 thoughts on “Wells Stores Today

  1. Colin Bartlett

    I remember purchasing cheeses from Stert Street. and when they moved to Peachcroft. always a small truckle of cheddar and stilton.


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