Coffee and counting at Abingdon Market Place with John Betjeman

Abingdon Market Place this Morning
Today I had my first coffee and croissant on Abingdon Market Place since the start of the lockdown. When I sat down, the outside seats at R&R, Costa, and Throwing Buns were in sun; and the seats at Java were in shade.
Abingdon Market Place this Morning
I noticed the usual queue outside the National Westminster Bank – a very popular bank. Pablos Lounge have reopened this week.
Abingdon Market Place this Morning
I started a survey of face masks to see what was the most popular colour: 3 blue, 1 pink, 1 black and counting … then noticed a man with a Black Sabbath T Shirt taking a selfie in front Abingdon County Hall Museum.
Abingdon Market Place this Morning
The doors of the museum appeared to be open but, looking later, I discovered that was only the outer doors. In the interim, the museum are publishing some lovely pictures of exhibits on Abingdon Museum on Instagram.

I flicked through a book, purchased at the British Heart Foundation, and edited by John Betjeman and John Piper, called ‘Murray’s Berkshire Architectural Guide

At one point it says, ‘Despite the fact that the huge industrial city of Oxford is only six miles away, Abingdon remains resolutely Berkshire. Not even the presence of the MG motor works and a large, noisy aerodrome kills the essentially market and country quality of this meadow-set, river-bordered, old brick town.’

5 thoughts on “Coffee and counting at Abingdon Market Place with John Betjeman

  1. Martin+Gulliver

    My wife and I sat and had coffee in the market Square last week. It was wonderful to see the town coming back to life.

  2. Dorothy Webb

    My daughter lives in Lower Radley – her address is Lower Radley Abingdon Oxfordshire. When did this change?

  3. monagain

    very different to the market square last nights, loads of youngsters milling around, no social distancing involved and going by their behaviour were completely unaware that we are in the middle of a pandemic, big mistake by the goverment to stae that covid didnt affect young folk


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