Face Coverings required in shops from today

Face Covering
New Government rules requiring customers to wear face coverings in shops came into effect today – 24th July. Mostly Books, and some other shops had reminders in their windows. The gov.uk webpage has the full details.

From about 30% of people wearing face coverings in shops yesterday in Abingdon it looked like everybody had one today, and many people were not taking them off between shops, or were leaving them dangling round their necks.
Face Covering
If you cough (or breath out) and have Covid-19 and are asymptomatic, the face covering protects others.

The covering should also provide some protection from Coronavirus in the air, but anybody wearing it round their neck can contaminate the inside of the covering.

9 thoughts on “Face Coverings required in shops from today

  1. Hester

    We have recently signed up for the Covid-19 Symptom study – an App being run by scientists at Kings College London to help their research into the disease. It has 4 million+ participants so presumably will be generating some useful data. Once signed up you just have to answer a simple question each day about how you are feeling (although I understand there are supplementary questions if you say you are under the weather).
    They also give you updated statistics on the prevalence of the virus, locally and nationally: we are still in one of the relatively high areas.
    For those who are interested you can find out about it at https://covid.joinzoe.com/

  2. Ben W

    Backstreeter, where have you taken that second graphic from? It seems to say that you could infect yourself by pulling a face covering down, then up?
    My understanding is that the entire point of a face covering is to protect others from me, not to protect me from anything at all.

    1. LowStreetnotHigh

      I am pretty certain that the graphic your on about indicates the fact that you should not touch/re-adjust the outside of your mask once it is on.

    2. Iain

      It’s apparently both according to last report i heard on this topic on ‘more or less’. For non-surgical coverings, the current (still relatively emergent) studies are saying:
      – there appears to be a reduction in overall transmission from wearing face masks
      – the main effect is preventing spread from the wearer to others
      – There is a smaller, secondary protection for the wearer

      1. Annabel

        It means – you could be asymptomatic – then you’re transferring germs from the inside of your face covering to your exposed neck – so take the mask off your ears and fold germs inside, rather than move below your chin.

  3. Janet

    The up to date figures from the office of statistics are 20 deaths from Covid in the centre of Abingdon, 5 in South Abingdon and 2 in the Peachcroft area.

    1. oxonchris

      So no change to the deaths from the info you posted back in May in respect of South Abingdon and Peachcroft, which is positive news! Thanks for that

  4. Hester

    It is the number of cases of the virus in the area which interests me – the lower it is, the less chance of coming in contact with anyone who has it. At present the figure for this area is around 800 per million, which is fairly high up the scale.

  5. Ben W

    Thanks for the replies. I’ve been out and about today doing both a food shop and into Oxford for clothes, compliance appeared to be close to 100%. Chatting to staff in shops as well, they all said the same – most had seen one or two people not wanting to wear a face covering but that was it.
    Thought it was extremely positive, the difference from last week’s food shop where maybe 30-40% max had masks was very noticeable.


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