A young tree needs protection – Part 7

A Young Tree
Back in 2006 I took pictures of some trees, with tree guardsĀ  – under the title ‘A Young Tree Needs Protection’. I have posted pictures of those same trees several times. This is the 7th.
A Young Tree
The first tree, on the Ock Valley Walk, was planted for John Jones OBE, Freeman of Abingdon, by Jean Jones, his widow. It now spreads over the path, and merges with a horse chestnut behind. The guard has long since been removed.
A Young Tree
The next two trees were planted together in the Albert Park.
A Young Tree
They are still there with their tree guards, growing slowly. One has always had a slight lean.
A Young Tree
The final tree was on Caldecott Road.
A Young Tree
It got broken off and did not survive to see 2007, but another tree was planted in 2007 with a stronger tree guard. It can be seen here.

1 thought on “A young tree needs protection – Part 7

  1. rudi

    meanwhile the tree i planted at the bottom of my garden 2 years ago seems to be growing at a glacial pace…. i want my apples!


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