Barton Fields in July

Barton Fields
I walked round Barton Fields, cared for by the Abingdon Naturalists, on a warm sunny day in the middle of July. I saw butterflies and bees, and beetles, ladybirds and damselflies. There were many other creatures that were too well hidden.
Barton Fields
Berries and hips and haws are growing to maturity. The first blackberries will soon be ripe and ready to pick.
Barton Fields
Many wild flowers have already bloomed in March or April, May or June and are turning to seed, but other flowers are coming into bloom. These ragworts can be seen with many smaller yellow flowers behind.
Barton Fields
Long grasses mature and their seedheads are ready to drop their seed and increase their yeild next year. Other plants rise and unfurl.
Barton Fields
The taller growing plants began on a race to the sky, and only in July produce flowers on tall stalks, among a jungle of other tall growing plants.
Barton Fields
Insects come together on a bed of flowers and spread pollen to nearby flowers.

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  1. newcomer

    ‘There were many other creatures that were too well hidden’ … those are the ones you’ve got to worry about.


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