Neighbourhood – Theme Day at City Daily Photo

These houses stood in West St Helen Street in the town of Abingdon-on-Thames until the late 1970s. This picture was sent to me by Steve and says ‘my old house is where your house is now’.
The new houses, including ours, were built around 1980.

West St Helen Street is one of the two roads leading north from South Abingdon, and can be busy. It is in the centre of town near all the shops. During the last three months of the Coronavirus lockdown it has been quieter and more neighbourly. We saw several neighbours, out at the same time – standing on doorsteps, when people applauded hospital workers and other key workers on Thursdays at 8pm.

This is my entry for the Theme Day at City Daily Photo. Visit neighbourhoods around the world at Theme Day at City Daily Photo.

5 thoughts on “Neighbourhood – Theme Day at City Daily Photo

  1. Mark Cox

    My great grandparents Thomas Richard Cox and his wife Annie (nee WEBB) lived at number 62 between 1911 and 1951. They appear there in the censuses of 1911 and 1939. In 1911 they have all four of their children with them, including my grandfather. My grandfather later moved to number 44 West St Helens Street. That too was pulled down.


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