Trees Growing Back on their own

Radley Lakes
The weather today was changeable.  We went for a walk out to Radley Lakes and took the anti-clockwise route. The first view of Thrupp Lake, during a shower, looked a bit like the Amazon.
Radley Lakes
Back in 2007, I watched the battle of Radley Lakes. It was between campaigners, and security guards with face masks. A lot of trees were cut down in preparation for filling the lake with ash from Didcot Power Station.

The campaigners won and that never happened. Trees are growing back and creating new mini islands.
Radley Lakes
Another Radley Lake, that did get filled with ash, is full of trees that are now ten to fifteen years old.

In another fifty years the trees could take over Thrupp Lake as well.

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  1. The lady

    Just walked through The market square the usual youths tearing through precinct and square .. police standing at burger wagon…ignored!!!!!


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