Keeping Rubbish out of the Green Wheelie Bin

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The Vale of White Horse District Council sent out a press release last week to remind residents not to contaminate their green recycling bin with rubbish.

The recycling crew check the top of the green wheelie bin, and sometimes slap a sticker on it and leave it unemptied. (The truck-load could be rejected at the recycling centre if any rubbish got noticed there.)

In the Vale of White Horse District – two weeks ago, out of 63,000 bins, 2,211 got a contamination sticker:
* Black bags/coloured bags – 1078
* Food – 331
* Textiles – 206
* Other – 596

We have two bins in our kitchen, one recyclable, and one not. When I transfer the recyclable bin to the green bin, I sometimes notice a jay cloth and put it in the black wheelie bin. On other occasions I save a glass jar and put it in the green wheelie bin.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Rubbish out of the Green Wheelie Bin

  1. newcomer

    I’m amazed there’s not nationally agreed listings of what goes into what wheelie bin. Listings could be by brand/product/material type/etc and these lists could be on the internet in a searchable form, which would make sorting a lot easier.

    Surely the various local authorities could agree on sub-categories which could be sorted into main catgories to accomdate those authorities which insist on multiple bin types.

    As maunfacturers introduce products/redesign packaging they’d have to print the listing type on the packaging.

    Or is this too simple?


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