Abingdon Town Centre is now Half Open

A dozen or more shops have reopened since Monday.
Half Open
In Bath Street, they included Masons,
Half Open
Clockwork Dragon,
Half Open
and Eileen.

Eileen have a closing down sale that began a few days before the lockdown and is continuing now.

About half the shops in Abingdon town centre are now open. Most of the charity shops are still closed. The hairdressing / nail businesses are closed. Catering (that are not doing takeaway) are also closed.

Of the bigger clothes shops New Look was open with a welcome back sale. Fat Face, M & Co, and Peacock are still closed. They have started re-opening some stores elsewhere.
Half Open
Traffic at the Ock Street / Stratton Way lights was beginning to stretch back to the junction with West St Helen Street at times.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Town Centre is now Half Open

  1. Janet

    The charity shops are not yet open. One of my lock down jobs was to purge my wardrobe and clear out clothes I do not wear. I have got a porch full of clothes to donate when they are open.

  2. R.

    On their website The British Heart Foundation is offering to collect your charity goods from your home. They give a phone number so you could check whether this still applies in these Covid19 days.


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