Why no Ducklings?

Why no Ducklings
One thing has been puzzling us on our lockdown walks. Why have we not seen any ducklings on the River Ock and the millstream

Somebody tonight told us that in the last two years mink have become so rife that they are eating the ducklings, and the young of other native species.

12 thoughts on “Why no Ducklings?

  1. newcomer

    A few years back a fisherman on the millstream told me that pike (which he fished for on tthat stretch of water) took ducklings.

  2. Trevor

    Pike are a native species & have always taken duckings given the opportunity. As well as mink, otters have been returning to the Ock. They will also take ducklings.

  3. B

    There were a family of six near the lock a few nights ago. They look quite large so a few weeks old rather than days.

  4. Sarah

    There appears to be lots of drakes competing for hens which often results in the hens being drowned there no ducklings!

  5. Howard Moon

    Ah right Trevor, I was about to report them to Abingdon PD. Heard they had a Sargent Nicholas Angel recently move here, can’t let neer do wells hang about.

  6. Vince Noir

    Howard, I think you have confused a film plot which features a misbehaving Swan with real life again by mistake! It’s a great film, but fortunately not a documentary 😛

  7. Howard Moon

    Hmm I’m sure Abingdon is taking notes… I’ve not heard anyone refer to it as stabbingdon for a while.

  8. Vince Noir

    Howard, please remember this is a blog that lots of people view and enjoy, let’s not bring unnecessary negativity to this wonderful site x


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