Peachcroft Newsagent closed

Peachcroft Newsagent closed
Stuart sent me a picture to show that the newsagent in the Peachcroft shopping centre has closed. The shops were built in the early 1980s and this one has always been a newsagent, firstly called Mallows, then Dillons and finally McColls or Martins (Martin is the newsagent arm of McColls). A sign in the window directs paper girls and boys to McColls @ Northcourt.

The McColls at Northcourt Road is also available to rent. It was announced in February 2020 that McColls will be be shutting over 300 stores nationally, including a lot of the smaller shops.

4 thoughts on “Peachcroft Newsagent closed

  1. 50plus

    This shop was never the same after Budgens started selling cards & magazines. So many of our shops sell the same thing – if only the authorities would encourage diversification.

  2. Janet

    The shops have gone downhill at Reynolds Way after the forced closure of the papershop and post office. Even the chip shop has gone. It is in a sorry state now.

  3. Geoff Bailey

    The Budgens at Peachcroft needs to upgrade the number of certain newspapers to compensate for the closure of that shop.

  4. Katie

    Just wondering if anyone knows who owns this shop? I am interested in renting this unit but can’t find the agent who is currently marketing it. It is online with chancellors but they have said they are no longer working with the owner.
    Many thanks


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