First Day of Spring – almost

First Day of Spring
We used to think of 21st March as the first day of spring, but the newspapers had the 20th March as the Spring Equinox. Magnolia are in flower as seen here in Stratton Way. It has been a cool sunny day so far.
First Day of Spring
R&R has closed, but a lot of the other coffee places are still open, and serving takeaway coffee. People were chatting as they drank coffee, trying to keep some social distance in the open air.

There is now only one charity shop open in Abingdon. The rest have closed. Acacia UK were due to open soon but will delay the opening.
First Day of Spring
Queues for the Boots pharmacy start before they open and continue throughout the day. The queue sometimes manages to keep a social distance and then people, after a while, can get talking and forget the government advice.

Abingdon Library seems to be the only public building open. Libraries were not one of the services told to close yesterday. Some Counties have closed their libraries, but not Oxfordshire County Council.

17 thoughts on “First Day of Spring – almost

  1. Janet

    The Government’s policy is not working in Abingdon. A woman I know is confined to bed with plyracy and her husband who travels a lot self isolated as he became ill. They could not get any food so the husband who was self isolating had to go to a supermarket in Abingdon to shop. I cannot help as I am trying to avoid shops as I am in the vulnerable category. People cannot get delivery slots if they try to shop on-line. The woman said she does not know any support group who is doing shopping in Abingdon. People who feel ill and may have corona virus in Abingdon and forced to go out out to the shops in Abingdon.

  2. Hester

    Janet – I am sorry to hear about you and your friend. A group of volunteers has got together to offer support to people in that situation. Over the next few days people will get leaflets through their door telling them who to contact.
    I also know that many people are doing just that for their neighbours – I have had a couple of offers, which thankfully I don’t need to take up yet, but for which I am very grateful.
    In the meantime, I am sure that many of us on here would be willing to help if needed.

  3. ChrisS

    What kind of madness is it to have queues down the street for the pharmacy ? I know, from personal experience that it is impossible to get a normal delivery just now so why have we not brought in the army to deliver ? Half a dozen volunteers or pressed men could cover Abingdon and immediate area with no problems in an afternoon.

    This could be extended to shopping, even if only for key workers, the ill and elderly. The oders could be placed via the supermarkets own online portal , or on the phone to a dedicated team and then delivered by an army driver in a car.

  4. Rosie

    All Oxfordshire Libraries closed at 1pm Saturday 21st.
    Managed to return two books but couldn’t find any to take out.

  5. Hester

    I guess sharing books isn’t a brilliant idea at present, but if we must buy (either new or second-hand) let’s try not to give Amazon too much profit. Other bookshops – real and online – are available!

  6. ChrisS

    If you have a tablet or can read on your computer then Oxfordshire libraries online service is second to none. All you need is the Libby app and your library number. Couldn’t be easier.

  7. Iain

    Oxfordshire libraries also offer an online ebook and audio book service. It is very easy to use and I’ve used it for ages for stuff to listen to in the car. It’s completely free if you have a library card.

    The app you need to download is called overdrive

  8. Daniel

    Janet, are you in South Abingdon? I am and am already offering to help a couple of people locally who can’t get out. I’m happy for backstreeter to share my contact detail with you if you want or need.

  9. Janet

    Hi Daniel. That is very kind of you. Yes I am in South Abingdon but have managed to get a click and collect slot from Tesco for next Friday. (next best thing to a delivery). I have latex gloves when I go out. I would like to help other people but being in the at risk group cannot do so.

  10. PPJS

    I am like you, Janet – forbidden to be of help to anyone. I hope you (and other contributors) keep healthy and that we all emerge the better for having at least tried to live in an awareness of the most vulnerable people in our world.

    Daniel and Iain – you are an example to us all.

    Hester – thanks for keeping the information loop health.

    Backstreeter – you are part of the glue that holds our town together.

  11. Daniel

    No problem Janet. Feel free (if backstreeter doesn’t mind) to have my detail, just in case….

    Stay healthy everyone..

  12. Iain

    Loads of people helping each other at the moment Paul. I am not a person of faith but it’s nice to see so many people rallying round their neighbours.

    For those of you out there without someone you can easily call upon, drop a note to and one of your friends that you havent met yet will be over to help

    Let’s keep each other safe and well

  13. Peter Del

    I too am in a very, very vulnerable category and am self isolating. I live in South Abingdon and luckily for me the young lady a few doors away said she would go shopping for me when I run out of food.
    To make it easier for her I have copied and pasted items from Tesco’s website and printed them out.
    Alastair, please keep up your good work, as your excellent Blog connects us all together.

  14. Michael Bloom

    Could I put in a plea for dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads please? Dogs nuzzle round people especially if they’re sitting on benches, and bring their owners close in to pull them away. This adversely affects social distancing.


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