Community Larder Expand work and need help and money

Community Larder Expand work
At a time when the most vulnerable in our communities will need our support more than ever, SOFEA (South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance) is planning to expand its Community Larder network to provide free groceries to as many people as possible.

This means delivering hundreds of tonnes of packets and tins, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to those who find themselves in need.

They plan to use their existing distribution network and expand it, so that they can offer food free to members of local communities.

To do this they need our support. They need able bodied healthy symptom free people to volunteer to help them with what will be a massive logistical exercise.

They have suspended membership fees to the Community Larder in order to ensure everyone who needs it can access free food. They have set up a Justgiving page and would welcome donations to help cover the cost of giving free membership. You can access this page through the link:

They had planned to start supplying people in Abingdon and have brought this forward and will be starting tomorrow (Friday 20th March).

2 thoughts on “Community Larder Expand work and need help and money

  1. Michael Bloom

    I’ve just sent this message to Waitrose Customer Service. Please add your voices:

    WHEN are you going to introduce rationing at your Abingdon store? My wife saw people buying huge amounts today and shelves are nearly empty. Why should those who happen to be there when you’ve just had a delivery get everything?


  2. PPJS

    I will be in (as I always am on Saturdays) tomorrow at 0730. I will try to buttonhole a Store Manager. They get edgy if you start to become awkward!

    Waitrose is supposed to be a “nice” supermarket. Sometimes niceness is little more than a veneer. That said, maybe people were shopping for themselves and for neighbours.

    Perhaps stores should stop making bulk offers (£5 for a pack of four; three for the price of two) and simply multiply up the unit price on all goods.

    Do I hear loud protests offstage?!


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