Acacia UK shop to reopen – April 4th 2020

Acacia UK shop
After being boarded up following the fire in 2017, the Acacia UK shop, in Bath Street, Abingdon, has been rebuilt.
Acacia UK shop
There are large notices in the 4 windows.

1. The opening will be on Saturday April 4th.
2. They will be taking donations Tuesday-Thursday between 10th March and 1st April.
Acacia UK shop
3. A list of donations they would love to receive. ‘Please do not leave donations on the shop doorstep – this is what caused the fire!’

4. Thank you for all your support and donations …

2 thoughts on “Acacia UK shop to reopen – April 4th 2020

  1. Daniel

    Far and away the best charity shop in all of Abingdon! I welcome it’s return… Please PLEASE keep it rough and ready. That was its charm!!


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