Abingdon Town’s highest honour

Freedom of Abingdon
At a ceremony this evening, Lesley Legge, Marilyn Badcock, and Julie Mayhew-Archer were made Honorary Freewomen of the Town of Abingdon.
Freedom of Abingdon
Before the ceremony the Mayor of Abingdon watched dancing by the Mr Hemmings Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers
Freedom of Abingdon
and the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers. This is only the second time they have danced together.
Freedom of Abingdon
The ceremony took the form of a council meeting on stage in the Abbey Hall.

Two people gave speeches saying why the ladies should be given the highest honour Abingdon Town has to give. Each recipient made a declaration of office, and was given a medal and scroll by the Mayor of Abingdon.
Freedom of Abingdon
Sir Hugo Brunner, Freeman of the Town, then welcomed Lesley, Marilyn, and Julie to the Freedom of Abingdon.
Freedom of Abingdon
After the ceremony people shook hands with the Freewomen.

The first Freeman of Abingdon was John Morland in 1922. The first Freewoman of Abingdon was Dr Joan Harcourt-Norris in 1988. There have been more men than women given this honour. This evening’s ceremony created the 3rd, 4th and 5th Abingdon Freewomen.

All three have served on the town council and other councils. They have all been Mayor, and been very active in community groups. Reverend Charles Miller who led the opening and the closing prayers at the ceremony said their service to the community is an example to us all.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Town’s highest honour

  1. Neil Fawcett

    I thought it was a great evening and it is very good that we have honoured such long-standing commitment to the town in this way.

    It was a real privilege for me to be one of the two speakers to support Julie Mayhew-Archer’s nomination.

  2. Angela Lawrence

    Thank you for the lovely photos Alastair. I forgot to take my camera. I was very proud to be a speaker in support of Lesley, someone whose service to the community i have always been full of admiration for.


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