River Bank Litter Pick

Litter Pick
There was a good turn out on Saturday morning with adults, children, and dogs joining together for a litter pick in the sunshine organised by the AbiBinit! Litter Picking Initiative.
Litter Pick
Colin Galloway has been keeping Abingdon litter-free longer than most and got a Mayor’s award in 2014. He is onto his third trolley which helps carry heavier litter back to the collection point.
Litter Pick
However back at Reynold’s Way where there was a litter pick last month, the litter is building again against the wall of the Reynolds Supermarket.

4 thoughts on “River Bank Litter Pick

  1. ChrisS

    Thank you to all who give up their time to do this on our behalf. How can we make it so that dropping litter is seen as the nasty, filthy and anti-social act that it undoubtedly is ?

  2. MrDog

    The high water kept the canoe club folk on dry land, which was slightly sad, but the whole activity was well organised and enjoyable too. The great weather was a distinct bonus.

  3. Tom Hutt

    I love the litter picking and the litter pickers unfortunately the more it’s done people will get the idea in their head that if they throw it on the floor someone else will pick it up and you will never break this mentality. its the same if you work somewhere with a cleaner why I should clean it they will do it.
    Anyway keep up the good work guys and girl’s

  4. Colin ASR Galloway

    Well I suffer from depression,shortly after birth minimal brain damage and by doing litter picking I can say to others in work yes I am earning my Dole money by keeping up the streets clean.


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