Drayton Road Gas Leak

Drayton Road Gas Leak
The road between Abingdon and Drayton was closed from early morning on 19/9/19 because of a gas leak.
Drayton Road Gas Leak
Most traffic trying to go south from Abingdon was turned back at the Preston Road junction. There was access only to Morland Gardens and Stonehill Lane, but not even pedestrians could get to Drayton along the Drayton Road, or from Drayton to Abingdon.

This caused wide diversions for Abingdon people who work at Milton Park or use Didcot Railway Station . They had to go the same way as everybody else out of South Abingdon. So the South Abingdon traffic was worse than ever – people turning and finding new routes.

P.S The road had opened with temporary lights at Stonehill Lane when I went past on Friday 20th at 8 am.

6 thoughts on “Drayton Road Gas Leak

  1. Janet

    Traffic dreadful. I was meating someone and it took me half an hour to get down the Drayton Road. The traffic was hardly moving at all.

  2. newcomer

    It’s not a gas leak. It’s a test run to see how the public reacts when The Vale lets developers build as many housing estates as they’d like to Drayton and beyond to Steventon, not forgetting through Sutton Courtney to Appleford. This is the inevitable future as much more council tax revenue is required to fill the pension pots of The Vale nabobs.

  3. BykerRode

    Shhh, dont tell anyone its open again as today we have minimal queues on the Drayton road at the mini roundabouts. Just like the old days again.


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