Black and Red Berries on the Ock Valley Walk

Black and Red Berries
Berries can be rich with sugar and, at this time of year, provide a great source of food for birds. Birds have competition from humans when it comes to blackberries.
Black and Red Berries
Humans also go for elderberries although they don’t agree with everybody and are best made into drinks.
Black and Red Berries
Not many humans would try the red berries even if they came from the Guelder Rose.
Black and Red Berries
The Mountain Ash berries will probably not be eaten by birds until they are ripe or food is more scarce.
Black and Red Berries
Birds must also, as needs must, eat the berries of Lords and Ladies to help disperse the seeds. They do not tempt many humans with their clammy poisonous look.

3 thoughts on “Black and Red Berries on the Ock Valley Walk

  1. Real another Steve

    They don’t just look poisonous they are poisonous. Apparently the greatest cause of plant related admissions to hospital.


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