Prosecco in the Park and Goose fence

Tales by the Riverside
The second annual Prosecco in the Park event at Rye Farm Meadow was postponed last week because of the threat of storms.
Tales by the Riverside
The postponed event is on this weekend and the organisers were making final preparations this afternoon. Prosecco in the Park involves watching films and listening to DJ music and enjoying drinks from the cocktail / Prosecco bars.
Tales by the Riverside
Across the river a fence has now been installed to keep geese away from the Abbey Meadows water feature / picnic area.
Tales by the Riverside
No attempt has been made to clear away all the goose droppings yet, and the fence is not completely successful.
Tales by the Riverside
Nearby the Open Air swimming pool is doing very well, as is the play park, and the Abbey Gardens.

11 thoughts on “Prosecco in the Park and Goose fence

  1. Daniel

    Let’s hope we spend lots of money trying to discourage the geese first, before doing the free and easy methods.

  2. chris

    Went past the Prosecco in the park this afternoon. Looked totally dead. Even with incredibles 2 shown on the big screen.
    Not the best of weathers this weekend either.

  3. DavidofLuton

    We’re gonna build a wall between us and gooseland
    you’re gonna love it.
    We’re gonna stop the gooses coming into our Abbey Grounds and messing things up for honest, tax paying Abingdonians
    The wall is gonna be high, it’s gonna be secure.
    And the geese are gonna pay for it.
    They should sort out their goose problems in Canada before they come over here.,

  4. Daniel

    I think just not trimming the grass in the first instance, may be a more reasoned response (or at least paying a consultant to speak to an expert to see if longer grass will infact simply do the trick).

    I do love the way we are flying off at convenient Trumpisms and BREXIT or racist parody….without actually establishing any facts in any direction first…

    Still…suits a purpose I suppose

  5. ppjs

    Saw this on controlling Canada geese:

    Don’t be swayed by the things you cannot do about geese in the garden. There are still a number of things you can do for Canada goose control.

    Erect a barrier. When planning your strategy for controlling geese, keep in mind that geese prefer to walk from the water to their preferred feeding area and back. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to keep the geese out of the garden is to erect some type of barrier. A 2-foot tall hedge or fence between your garden and the waterfront is usually sufficient to exclude most Canada geese.

    Never feed the geese. Feeding geese in the garden will only encourage these birds to continue coming back.

    Remove nesting material. In spring, the geese begin collecting and stockpiling nesting material. Watch for piles of material on your property and remove them before the geese have a chance to build a nest.

    Scare them away. Use noisemakers and barking dogs, chase them with a broom, and otherwise make them miserable. Try firecrackers, sirens, flashing lights and anything else you can think of.

    Change tactics frequently because once the geese get used to a particular annoyance, they learn to ignore it. If you are persistent, however, they will go elsewhere.

    Install staking. Place stakes every 20 to 25 feet around a pond and string wire between the stakes at a height of 10 to 12 inches. Canada geese will not nest in an area where they can’t easily walk in and out of the water.

    Learning how to control geese in your garden doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Now that you know the basics of Canada goose control, you will have the necessary tools to keep the geese out of the garden for good.

    Read more at Gardening Know How: Canada Goose Control: How To Keep The Geese Out Of The Garden

  6. Daniel

    I do think it’s awful…using a plastic fence.

    Bad plastic.

    Naughty plastic.

    The kids will be taking a day off school in outrage next…


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