Going up a year

Going up a year
This is what it looked like in Abingdon yesterday at the bottom of Bath Street. It was hot.
Going up a year
And this is how it looked today in the Abbey Gardens. Slightly cooler but still lots of orange.

I thought the schools had ended yesterday for the summer holidays but then heard lots of children chattering as they went in line to St Helen’s Church for an end of term visit.

Good luck to all the school children who are going up from their year 6 primary school class to their year 7 secondary school class. Six weeks to go.
Going up a year
When you get to be adult there is no such thing as going up a year.

3 thoughts on “Going up a year

  1. Daniel

    I certainly AM pleased Patricia. The flowers look lovely, and continue to be a joyful distraction from other issues affecting the town.


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