Lion King at The Abbey

Lion King at The Abbey
The launch of the Lion King happened yesterday, 19th July, and people look to have been having fun. When I walked by the  Abbey Cinema, at the Guildhall, there were giant jungle animals drawn in chalk outside.
Lion King at The Abbey
The foyer had been turned into a jungle with monkeys swinging from the netting. This 2019 film is aremake of the 1994 Lion King with clever computer animations.

2 thoughts on “Lion King at The Abbey

  1. Daniel

    The cinema is an absolute jewel in Abingdons crown!

    A wonderful place to go, especially when the weather isn’t so good.

    Long may it rain!!

  2. Monicalovatt

    The flowers in the town are lovely too!

    We have just got back from driving through France to Italy and nowhere was quite like coming over Abingdon Bridge with the view across to St Helen’s Church and the beautiful bright hanging baskets along the bridge. This continued through the town with the flags fluttering and the flower beds and stands of flowers.

    It made our hearts lift to come home to such a pretty picture and a place where people care for their environment.

    Well done to Steve Rich and his outdoor team at the Town Council.


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