First Abingdon Pride Day

First Abingdon Pride Day
The first Abingdon Pride Day was officially opened by the Mayor of Abingdon, Cllr Cheryl Briggs, and the MP of Abingdon, Layla Moran.
First Abingdon Pride Day
The event had been put together by Abingdon Town Council in just 4 weeks, with the help of Dawn, who organises events like the Abingdon Chilli Festival. The day came together very well. The very colourful Ashnah were one of the first acts performing.
First Abingdon Pride Day
The Cancer Research stall, and shop had a reminder that cancer does not discriminate. We are all in it together.
First Abingdon Pride Day
The Conservative Party were having fun with their leadership content. Who do you fancy? (for PM) Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson.
First Abingdon Pride Day
On the main stage large crowds gathered to watch the acts.
First Abingdon Pride Day
Some of them were very colourful and larger than life.
First Abingdon Pride Day
At the Fire Station in Abingdon there was also a completely separate open day. Carswell School Fete was also happening a street away. It was also the Abingdon Food Festival which drew huge crowds (more of that tomorrow or the next day). The recruiting fire engine had the rainbow flag for diversity and non discrimination.
First Abingdon Pride Day
Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLO) were on the Market Place. LAGLOs work to encourage the reporting of transphobic, bi-phobic and homophobic incidents.First Abingdon Pride Day
The first Abingdon Pride Day was fun. But behind it is a history of discrimination and bullying.
First Abingdon Pride Day
In the evening there was an open microphone night with some poetry at Pablo’s Lounge. This was the first Abingdon Pride Day. It was also the first Open Mic. night for poetry I had been to in Abingdon.

30 thoughts on “First Abingdon Pride Day

  1. Spike S

    I’m all for equality and against ‘special’ treatment (of any group). I do hope there is also a Heterosexual and Straight Liaison Officer (HASLO)

  2. Iain

    Spike – fortunately people do not regularly experience bullying or discrimination for being Heterosexual or Straight, so no such position is necessary. Lets look forward to the time where the same can be said for LGBTX folks.

  3. Horsesmouth

    I wonder why that’s so Iain? We have many gay friends who go about their life quietly and unassuming, they don’t shout about and proclaim their chosen path or are in anyone’s face about that either, sadly that wasn’t the case yesterday, while sat with family outside throwing buns two women came along and locked themselves in an embrace kissing and fondling only stopping to see if they’d prompted a response, we found their behaviour utterly obscene as much as it was outrageous Equally the G P march, 12 individuals, a dog and a non descript person with a loud hailer marched up and down the precinct shouting about gay rights etc, any other organisation doing that would have been labelled anarchists, young men (boys) bare chested with rainbow flags on their backs provocatively parading up and down, if they’d had a football flag instead they would have been arrested!
    If that’s a typical GP event then I’m glad it was my first and last!
    Also that day police stated 70% of all crime reported was unsolved blaming lack of resources yet TVP had three officers (one wearing a rainbow bandana) and a support
    van there all day, how can that be justified? Ditto the South Central ambulance with two paramedics on board that was parked on the pavement all day? Last year when an elderly man fell there and cracked his head open it took two hours before anyone arrived, they too blamed a lack of resources-
    Next Saturday is armed forces day, I sincerely hope the town council reciprocates their enthusiasm to it ?

  4. Houdini

    Their ‘chosen’ path? Horsesmouth?? People don’t choose their sexuality … it chooses them.

    Maybe there was more TVP officers and an ambulance present as they feared bigoted people may cause a scene whilst folk had a great time. I have many gay friends too who like to proclaim their ‘found freedom’, and their rights against discrimination and violence towards LGBT. Personally I had an absolutely amazing time and must say this was the most fabulous event I’ve ever been to on the Market Place and I reckon it was the biggest crowd too.

    Ok perhaps kissing / groping wasn’t in the best interest for anyone to witness and don’t think it’s acceptable for any couples to be getting hands on in public regardless of who they are – but there will always be exhibitionists in all walks in life.

    All I could see were so many happy folk and a fantastic community spirit.

    Well done to all who put on this professional event at such short notice. You did Abingdon proud.

  5. Iain

    Well said Houdini.

    Horsemouth – as so often, I couldn’t disagree more strongly with the bulk of what you say.

  6. Lemonyellow

    And it’s people like you Horsemouth that is the exact reason why days like this are still needed.

    I’m not a massive fan of public displays of affection but I’d hazard a guess you wouldn’t of been half as annoyed if it had been a heterosexual couple who were doing it?

    There shouldn’t be a need for pride but there is, there shouldn’t be a need for people to feel they can’t go about there lives, living them how they want to without being judged but there is (obviously as long as they’re not breaking the law)

    I’ve never heard of a pride event ending in violence but I have seen several groups of football “fans” disgrace them selves.

  7. Neil Fawcett

    I agree with Iain and Houdini.

    The entire point is that we are not yet at a stage where everyone can show affection to their partner in public in the same way.

    If we do get to that stage the we may not need Pride e ents anymore.

    As things are, with gay and lesbian people still being beaten up just for who they are, I am very proud that Abingdon has shown that we stand with them.

  8. rudi

    people who complain about such events while talking about ‘all their gay friends’ usually have no such friends.
    every day is straight day for us, it’s the norm.
    having said that i do equally recognise that weird people come in all packages, both gay and straight and there are indeed lots of weird people who like to show off who do just so happen to be gay and are rather unlike most other gay folk.
    their peculiarity is coincidental to their being gay however and i look forward to the day who you sleep with is of no concern to anyone.

  9. Horsesmouth

    What a load of toss ! All of you, I agree who you sleep with is of no consequence to anyone PROVIDING it’s not in public ! How can anyone of any moral standing possibility condone such behaviour? Apparently (and thankfully we’d left by then) a full blown drag queen was parading up and down high st along with a guy in a rainbow skirt? Surely Neil, Iain et you cannot possibly believe this extrovert/exhibitionist behaviour to be considered or even promoted as being acceptable?

  10. Iain

    What precisely is wrong with anyone wearing women’s clothes?

    I’m not worried by my moral standing Steve (or Neil’s) , maybe you need to take a look at yours?

  11. Dawn

    Shocked by a drag queen? Try going to a panto this Christmas… it will blow your mind!
    Saw some men in kilts at Pride too. Are they acceptable? Tartan ok, rainbow not?
    This bigotry lark is very confusing.

  12. Neil Fawcett

    Bless you @Horsesmouth and your 1950s world view.

    Somebody dressed up in women’s clothing wandering about the Market Place really doesn’t bother me because they weren’t doing anyone any harm.

    My morals are not offended by people being extroverts, wearing colourful clothes, waving rainbow flags or showing affection to their partner.

    What offends my morals is the idea that some people still can’t be as open about themselves, or who they love, for fear of being beaten up by people who belueve they are morally superior.

    Also, the drag queen who dang did a cracking version of Starlight by Muse so they’re fine by me.

    The day was one of joy, fun, diversity and acceptance. It was Abingdon at its best.

  13. Natasha

    I danced with a drag queen on the stage with my children. Ive told my children it’s the person you fall in love with not their sexuality, maybe some of your parents should of told you the same. Grow up or crawl back into 1952. Xxx

  14. Hester

    From what I saw, I guess the actual cost will have been pretty low – much of the work will have been done by volunteers (including many Councillors), I imagine many of the acts will have performed for free, stalls will have funded themselves – or maybe even paid for being there. I didn’t see any paid security staff but there may have been some, so printing costs for publicity and something for Council staff time.
    If you want to see the expenditure on this and other council-organised events (Fun in the Park, Bun-throwing, Remembrance Day parades etc – and flags and flowers!) it is all in the public domain on the TC website.

  15. Matt Thomas

    I thought it was great to see such an event being held in town, anyone who hides behind a nickname and then proceeds to slag it off are just cowardly. Get off your high horse and relax, times change, but sadly people like you don’t. Sad person!!

  16. PM

    Long live Abingdon Pride! Looked like a fun event as we passed through town to the Food Festival. And thanks to the comments here we can see why such an event is still necessary in 2019.

    Rainbow flag support in many shops too – best one I saw was Stert St Masons with the flag made up of rolls of material.

  17. DavidofLuton

    You’re lucky that in Abingdon the council has the income to fund events like this, however small the funding might be. Here in Luton the council has pretty much stopped funding any community events and really only provides statutory services.

  18. the Lady

    Has the council really got this sort of money as someone suggested..i will most certainly look at expenditure ..thank you

  19. the Lady

    Sitting upstairs in Chaba Thai last night ..i noticed the RAINBOW FLAG HAS BEEN REMOVED.!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Iain

    …marking the end of this year’s pride festivities. We can hopefully look forward to a repeat performance of a good event again next year.

  21. Hester

    Since I am sure “The Lady” wouldn’t want to inadvertently make any etiquette “faux pas”, I hope she will appreciate me pointing out that it is generally considered poor form to write in upper case (capitals) in social media posts!

  22. Houdini

    ’Gayness’ has been around since man began and its about time humans recognised and accepted this. After all, we’ve had long enough to get used to it …… I guess about 200,000 years?

    If it was YOUR child that was gay, what would you do? Chastise them, cast them out into the wilderness, mock them, tell them to ‘choose’ the correct and accepted sexuality, beat them, seek medical help ….. or would you accept their sexuality above anything else, love them, walk beside them and support them? I wonder……

    I’ve a friend who’s son ‘came out’ some years ago after many agonising, emotional and difficult years, and my friend is so grateful he was able to find the courage to do this and she has welcomed his sexuality with open arms. He is afterall, her child. They shop together, visit gay talks, bars, she welcomes his friends into the family home and have the most wonderful life together as mother and son. The ONLY thing that scares her, is the attitude, discrimination, hatred and violence of others towards gay people like her child. She fears for him ……

    The gay people at Abingdon Pride were someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister …….. help support Pride.

  23. Loud&proud

    The lady (more like.. the coward ) and Horsesmouth (more like …. horses backside !) – should get a grip ! Literally cannot wait to personally fund money for next year’s pride. I have 8 drag friends who love taking part in PRIDE, im already in talks with them and making plans to parade on nearly every street corner. Being gay isn’t a choice , being a small minded bigot is ! Love you Abingdon


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