Hello Abingdon

Hello Abingdon
The latest edition of Hello Abingdon, Trinity Learning’s community newsletter project, has hit the streets and this blog. The June 2019 newsletter has been put together by six Year 5 pupils from Carswell Community School and has a front page picture showing Summer in Abingdon!.
Hello Abingdon
The magazine includes an article on Abingdon’s Traditional Morris Men, whose Mayor Making happened on 15th June.
Hello Abingdon
The children had a great time meeting Roger and Harry from the Morris, and tried the dances.

There followed a survey on the Abbey Grounds Play Area and Swimming Pool which gets a ‘brilliant’ rating. There is also a piece about the wildlife in that area, including the butterflies in the bee garden, ducks and geese. The children thanked Adrian from Abingdon Naturalists Society for helping their research.

The  children’s feedback after doing the magazine was:
+  it was fun learning new things
+  it helped me talk to people
+  we learnt new IT skills
+  it was good to use our skills on something useful.

To find out more about Trinity Learning’s work with schools visit their website: www.trinitylearning.org.uk

The magazine can be downloaded and read at https://trinityabingdon.org.uk/documents/trinitylearningnewsjune2019.pdf

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  1. Hester

    I think Trinity Learning are one of this month’s charities for Waitrose green tokens – an excellent cause!


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