Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday Weekend
It is the late May Bank Holiday Weekend and the Salter Steamer river services between Abingdon and Oxford have started again.
Bank Holiday Weekend
At Abingdon Lock, River Banksy has created a couple of new sculptures for the new boating season.

The Open Air pool has opened. There were some bands playing at the Crown and Thistle. And Bank Holiday Monday will have free walks put on by the Friends of Abingdon.

There will be guided walks leaving the Market Place at 10.30 and 14.00. Morning walks are:

1556 Boundary Walk – with a Town Councillor and a Town Crier
Lost Abbey Tour – with a member of the Twin Towns Society
Alternative Flowerbeds – with Abingdon Carbon Cutters
Rivers of Abingdon – with an enthusiast from the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust

and in the afternoon there will be:

A Wildlife Walk to Radley Lakes – with Abingdon Naturalists
Abingdon’s Industrial Past walk – with the Town Archivist
Art About Abingdon walk – with the ‘Backstreeter’ (the Abingdon blogger)
Bank Holiday Weekend
When it comes to the ‘Art About Abingdon walk’ I will not have all the answers. Blacksmith artist Jon Mills created the railings near Waitrose but I cannot work out what he had in mind with that rectangle with holes.
Bank Holiday Weekend
That animal on the left is very familiar too but, as I write up my notes for the walk, I cannot remember why.

4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. Ant

    The plate with the holes looks like a brick from a malting floor – and in this part of toen there were a number of malings

  2. Colin Bartlett

    Thanks for clearing that mystery up…

    So that is The Griffin, a source of much amusement. Where is Scooby Doo, I was asked by friends, I could recognise most of them..looking at pictures of Malting Tiles, they do look more like them than Chamois Leathers/Car wash cloths ..


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