New Abingdon hairdresser

Dementia Action Week
A new hairdresser Dawsons Hair and Beauty Lounge has opened in the premises at the corner of Spring Road and Edward Street, previously used by Abingdon Beds. Abingdon Beds are now on Marcham Road near Majestic Wine.
Dementia Action Week
Inside there is a display of old photographs, including one showing the building in the 1970s when it housed Knights Chapel Works – where garden ornaments and other stone items were made and for sale. In the 19th century the building was a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

8 thoughts on “New Abingdon hairdresser

  1. Gillyanna

    I believe Lukers who did plumbing and heating were here before that. They moved to Ock Street but are long gone

  2. Daniel

    Great that it is a business, I hope they do well.

    When I saw it was empty though I did always think it would make great flats. A half dozen at least!

  3. Horsesmouth

    And on another note – today’s Oxford Times had this Head line “ Not so sleepy Abingdon is real tech powerhouse”
    According to figures just released by the respected Tech Nation Survey, Abingdon is third only to Oxford and Cambridge as being the most powerful tech powerhouse in the country thanks to the science parks and Inovation centres, they go on to say Abingdon attracted a whooping £439 m in investment between 2015 to 2018.
    That’s good news, isn’t it?

  4. hester

    Good news indeed – and part of the reason why we need more houses, and ones which are decent homes, not shoe-boxes crammed into every inch of spare space.


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