Local Excellence Market

Local Excellence Market
A sunny Saturday and Abingdon was busy. The town crier had three things to announce in town.
Local Excellence Market
He cried about the Local Excellence Market which he described as excellent.

He cried about the Abingdon Passion Play
Local Excellence Market
He cried about My Fair Lady which the Abingdon Operatic Society are performing from the 9th – 13th April. Visit https://www.abingdonoperatic.co.uk/ to find out more and book tickets. Their productions are always well worth a visit.
Local Excellence Market
I borrowed flowers from Styan Family Produce to give to Eliza Doolittle for the previous picture as Eliza is a Cockney flower girl at the start of the show before taking elocution lessons.

My wife has featured the Local Excellence Market on her blog because I bought her a shampoo bar as part of the no plastic during Lent challenge. Today’s blog post also includes the homemade toothpaste which tastes horrible. See https://unfantasticplastic.home.blog/

1 thought on “Local Excellence Market

  1. Kelly Simpson

    So nice today to see Abingdon bustling with people, shopping and sitting in the sunshine. Brilliant market.


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