Toilet block at Abbey Meadow re-opened

Toilet block at Abbey Meadow
The revamped toilet block at Abingdon’s Abbey Meadow re-opened yesterday, 6th March. The Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) has funded this refurbishment, which follows on from the re-opening of the rebuilt open air pool in 2018, and the redesigned play area in 2017.

The block has been completely refurbished and includes five self-contained unisex toilets and a men’s urinals. The Abingdon Lions have added a defibrillator.
Toilet block at Abbey Meadow
The block also includes a ‘Space to Change’ facility, which includes a wheelchair accessible toilet and a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and hoist. The ‘Space to Change’ was not in the original design but after a large petition by parents and the intervention of the local MP and others it was added to the design.

Cllr Alice Badcock, Vale of White Horse District Council cabinet member for community services, said: Abbey Meadow is the most-visited park in the district and now with all the changes we have made to make it more accessible, it can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.

Cllr Helen Pighills, Vale of White Horse district council ward member, said: These improvements are great news. The inclusion of a ‘Space to Change’ toilet is so important for ensuring more families and children with disabilities can make use of Abbey Meadow.

Thankyou to VWHDC for the press release and quotes. The work was done by Oxford Direct Services – the commercial arm of Oxford City Council. The splash pad and outdoor swimming pool at Abbey Meadow will be open for the summer from 25th May.

2 thoughts on “Toilet block at Abbey Meadow re-opened

  1. Daniel

    Off topic – well…actually…no it isn’t…

    In response to an earlier discussion about over capacity at Abingdon Sewage works; according to Thames Water (who I have just spoken to) their enquiry on my behalf to the sewage plant reports that the plant is not at capacity. There is nothing out of the ordinary happening. And there are no more or less vehicles to and from the site as normal – and these are the normal drainage and gully clearing services.

    The lady I spoke to was very pleasant, and Thames Water have tried very hard to contact me and discuss this issue with me; which I commend them for,



    About the NEW toilet Block. Just recently only 2 out of the 5 cubicles have been available causing queues at peak times in the park ? What is happening when they have only been open for 3 months ?


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