Exhibition of 425 new homes in Abingdon

Announcing 425 new homes in Abingdon
There is a new website called northabingdon.co.uk/.

On it is the announcement of an exhibition at the Northcourt Centre on Thursday 28th February from 3:30pm – 8pm showing more detailed plans for the first 425 homes of the 900 that have got outline planning permission. The three ‘parcels’ are those nearest Tilsley Park.

The developers will probably be looking for feedback from the locals attending the exhibition before submitting their final plans.

The other thing this housing will help finance is the Lodge Hill Interchange, but those plans still need to be agreed with the Highway Agency. The 900 home development includes a mixed-use local centre, retirement apartments, care home, primary school and public open space.

14 thoughts on “Exhibition of 425 new homes in Abingdon

  1. Hester

    As far as I can see the first phase includes only houses, none of the communal facilities referred to in your last sentence. Put this together with the fact that they can only build 400 houses before a contract is placed for the Lodge Hill slips and it looks as if we will be waiting a long time for those facilities. I hope I’m wrong!

  2. Geoff Bailey

    I know people who live in that area who are affected by the Tyldesley Park floodlights. I wonder how many people would want the same problem in any of those new builds. Might be a saving on street lighting.

  3. Steven

    900 homes. So, say an extra 1500 extra cars bombing up and down Dunmore Rd/ Copenhagen Drive each day. Lets face it, even with the Lodge Hill slip, or more people taking up cycling, it’s not going to be much fun getting around by car. Everyone’s quality of life will suffer, waiting in traffic jams, extra pollution etc. Perhaps there will come a point where it is so bad that people simply have to give up the car and cycle/ walk to school/ work

  4. Janet

    The clinical commissioning group say that the local G P surgeries will not be able to cope with the extra 3000 people at least on their lists. The Conservatives I am told agreed to the houses being built before the proposed North Abingdon diamond interchange. Why am I not surprised. When all the extra cars start using the Tesco roundabout to get onto the Southbound A34 it will jam the traffic up along Ock Street and the Drayton Road. Once again Abingdon has been sold out.

  5. Steve

    Shouldn’t be a problem, the A34 runs smoothly and the town has hardly any traffic these days!

    Any chance of a dentist? more doctors? more police officers and other infrastructure?

    nope, the landowners and developers take the cash and run and Abingdon will be damaged beyond repair.

    Sold Out.

    Glad it’s looking like a new political party is being born, because god knows, none of the current parties listen to the people!

  6. PM

    What’s the betting the money for community facilities suddenly can’t be found once the first 425 homes are in place?

    And if the full interchange isn’t there before the housing starts being built then I would not expect it to follow. Not until the expressway from Cambridge sweeps in anyway.

  7. ppjs

    Shouldn’t a consultation exercise be run at the convenience of the consulted rather than at the convenience of the consultors? How about a week-long 8am till 8 pm exhibition in the Community Shop?

    If there were then a couple of open public meetings (one in north Abingdon, the other in south Abingdon), it would demonstrate a genuine sense of gathering public opinion.

    As it is, we are expected to find out about the new website (thanks, Backstreeter!) and the developers stay hidden and remote. The present exercise is about as visible (and destructive of public confidence) as a stealth bomber.

  8. hester

    Good point ppjs re lackof publicity – and at least one weekend session would have been good.. I first saw about it on Facebook – whatever one thinks about it, it is a good source of local news – but I know a lot of people dont use it. The organisers could have put it on the Town Council events website so I have now done that for them! I gather that nearby houses on the other side of Dunmore Road and Twelve Acre Drive got leaflets through their doors.
    Hopefully the Herald will pick up the story next week.

  9. Antoine

    I’d be interested to see how many of these toxic comments come from homeowners and how many are from tenants. Living in Oxfordshire with the current rent prices does not allow you to save enough to buy a house, and I think it is a good thing that the council is building more homes and trying to drive prices down. I understand the infrastructure to support these new builds is as important as the homes themselves, but don’t expect said infrastructure to be built before there is any need for it, especially if it is blocked by locals who don’t want to see their town change!


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