Demolition Plan B for Didcot A

Demolition Plan B
A revised demolition plan for the remainder of the Didcot A power station with the three remaining cooling towers and chimney has been cleared by RWE Npower and is now planned for summer 2019.
Demolition Plan B
The demolition should have been completed a year ago, but something went wrong and the boiler house collapsed while it was being weakened for demolition. Four employees were killed. The view from the Margaret Brown Gardens in Abingdon looking down the River Thames still shows the chimney and part of the remaining towers in the summer of 2018.
Demolition Plan B
They will still be visible from the south of Abingdon for another year.

3 thoughts on “Demolition Plan B for Didcot A

  1. pjh64

    Tragedy what happened on that site. I hope there is a discreet memorial for the four workers killed in the accident.

    Will be very glad to have this blot off the landscape.

    Hopefully a lot more housing for Didcot to give a few youngsters some sort of chance to own a home.

  2. Spike S

    All the power has to come from somewhere.
    “Will be very glad to have this blot off the landscape”
    I’ll bet there were similar cries when the Uffington White Horse was first carved into the chalk !

  3. ppjs

    Why is it okay for Didcot to take on more housing, but not Abingdon?

    I worked and lived for several years in Burnley. The old coal mines were closed (as were the cotton mills). Part of the land was used for housing, but there was also development for leisure and recreation.

    I agree about a memorial to those who died in the first phase of the demolition of the Didcot site – perhaps in a heritage and leisure facility.


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