Saxton Arms redevelopment underway

Work has begun on the redevelopment of the former Saxton Arms pub. The development will see the former pub turned into 6 apartments. A previous plan to turn the former public house into a convenience store didn’t work out. I think the plan was withdrawn after people said they did not want another convenience store.

3 thoughts on “Saxton Arms redevelopment underway

  1. Hester

    Yes I just read that. One of the main themes was that 21st century High Streets are more about socialising and getting services which you can’t get online – with a sprinkling of independent shops. That is also what Mary Portas said a few years ago and is probably true, but a lot of people in Abingdon are looking for quite a different model.

    I like the idea of a town centre street party though!

  2. Daniel

    I agree, a heartening article. It shows that having hope it’s well worth it. I do fear though that Abingdon’s problem is the decision makers, not the end users. Not the traders.

    Does a cafe get to put is takes on the street, encourage a trade, get established. Or does the council slap a charge on each table before a a coffee has even been sold?

    There are umpteen reasons why businesses fail, I reckon if you asked them there’d be a common reason(s). And I’d further bet that those reasons are the remit of the (various) councils.


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